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Oscar Bustos

I’m a Spanish Frontend Developer with strong User Experience Design skills. I'm a web fanatic who has been working in the world of digital media since 2011 and enjoy challenging projects from conception to completion.


Design & develop digital experiences that put people first

I've spent last years helping people create effortless users experiences and delightful digital products. This experience allowed me to acquire a wide range of skills as a Frontend Developer and UX/UI Designer. Building products from the start, working side by side with stakeholders, releasing new features, analyzing users interactions, seeing how people use products and continuously improve them is what Ilove the most about my job!

My philosophy is kaizen, also known as continuous improvement and it focuses on last Web Technologies and Agile Methodologies.

I like to share what I learn, that’s the reason why I build my own Frontend Framework to develop faster and optimizedprojects using Grunt, SASS, PostCSS, and Jade. You can see more code on my a Github and Codepen. Also, I shareinteresting articles on Twitter and Medium.

I combine my job with teaching at U-Tad University where I try to inspire and share all my knowledge with futuredesigners and developers on different degrees.

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Looking for perfection in every pixel

There are no small projects. Every detail matters, from the user experience to code performance. With this philosophy, we can create strong projects. A clear example and I would like to highlight is the application of Mujer Hoy where I had the privilege to participate.

Mujer Hoy
Projects Oscar Bustos

Head of Frontend Development & UI/UX Desgin

The challenge was to create a CMS into Salesfoce

Wow! It was a real challenge for me. Creating a complete CMS in Salesforce was a crazy idea, but also a great opportunity to create a good project. For that purpose, I proposed a component architecture based on Atomic Design.

One of my goals was to create a clean and delightful user interface. The result was a simple tool where users can share and consult different types of content.

The technologies that I have used for this project are Javascript, ReactJS, SASS as well as some libraries



Designing the best marketplace experience for car washing companies

Personal project where I try to reinvent the car washing industry. Clinpify was a win to win solution for companies want to take advantage of digital tools and Internet. Control you reservations, increase your revenues, make loyal clients and monetize your time.

The iOS and web app were designed taking care of User Experience and having nice details. The result was this


Associate Professor

I try to teach everything I miss in college. One of the most rewarding experiences

I remember perfectly the day when U-tad gave me the opportunity to be a teacher. A mixture of joy and responsibility that continues today. Being part of a person's education is a great experience. I have the opportunity to teach future professionals in different degrees about Interface Design and Web Development


Axel Springer Spain big projects based on Drupal CMS

Axel Springer Spain big projects based on Drupal CMS

The challenge in Axel Springer Spain was to create an architecture of reusable components for the most important new projects in Spain such as AutoBild, HobbyConsolas, and ComputerHoy. All this in Drupal, one of the most robust and incredible CMS in the market

Working here I build an awesome frontend framework, you can check it on GitHub

Desarrollo Frontend

Introducción al mundo del desarrollo web

Óscar Bustos

Aprende a crear páginas web

Fácil y práctico para todos los públicos

Con este libro prodrás aprender desde 0 las tecnologías básicas sobre las que se sustentan el desarrollo web. Explicado con multitud de casos prácticos y ejercicios que te ayudarán a entenderlo de una manera sencilla

  • Acceso a comunidad privada donde podrás preguntar y compartir con el autor
  • Acceso a contenidos actualizados
  • Aprenderás HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Tendrás ejercicios prácticos


Post & Presentations

“Homines, dum docent, discunt”

I really enjoy sharing knowledge because I really learn with it. That’s why I try to invest some time writing and collaborating with persons who want to learn. From my point of view teaching, it’s the best investment in life.

¿Qué navegación utilizar en nuestro proyecto?
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¿Qué navegación utilizar en nuestro proyecto?

Hace algunos días leí un artículo de Nielsen donde publicaban los resultados de un interesante estudio que pretendía dar a conocer los beneficios y desventajas sobre el uso de navegaciones ocultas…

Los 10 libros de UX de lectura obligatoria
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Los 10 libros de UX de lectura obligatoria

El proceso de diseño UX se está convirtiendo en un aspecto cada vez más importante de la creación de aplicaciones web de calidad y productos de software. Existen muchos tipos de libros…

Precarga de imágenes para mejorar el UX
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Precarga de imágenes para mejorar el UX

Realizar una carga correcta de imágenes nos puede ayudar a mejorar la experiencia de usuario reduciendo considerablemente el tiempo de espera del usuario…

Cómo utilizar la etiqueta picture en HTML5
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Cómo utilizar la etiqueta picture en HTML5

Ejemplo de cómo utilizar la nueva etiqueta de HTML5 picture para un proyecto responsive y así conseguir una correcta carga de imágenes para no penalizar la experiencia de usuario…

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